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The evolution of orthopedic bone saw

Orthopedic diseases have been a chronic disease that has plagued people and it is difficult for young or old people to survive. Because there was only a slight tingling at the beginning and it did not hinder daily activities, there was little concern. It is also because of the lack of attention, so for a […]

The role and specification of cannulated drill

If someone has severe trauma that causes a broken leg or arm and causes serious damage to the soft tissue, assistance can be provided through medical tools in the medical community. So which tool do you use? The medical cannulated drill is a choice for this function. Cannulated drill is mainly used for intramedullary nailing […]

Medical multifunctional electric drill saw

The medical multifunctional electric drill is a different drill saw assembly installed on the multifunctional drill saw the host, thus becoming a different use of the saw. Its main feature is the ability to change different components quickly and easily, saving time and money.   The following categories describe the types of components installed: 1: […]

What is an surgical oscillating saw?

What is an surgical oscillating saw? Surgical oscillating saws are mainly used for joint surgery and are divided into knee joints and hip joints during joint surgery. In joint surgery, the proportion of knee joints is relatively large.     When performing skeletal surgery and treatment, it is necessary to cut the bones of injured […]