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Visit Us at HOSPITALAR 2019

HOSPITALAR is the most important local and foreign market in the medical field. It offers products for hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, private clinics and clinics, providing an ideal platform for innovation, solutions and services. The hospital provides exhibitors and visitors with the opportunity to start a business, establish new connections, deepen relationships, create brand awareness and […]

Bone drill use and precautions

Bone drills are ubiquitous in many surgical fields, including orthopedics, neurosurgery, craniomaxillofacial and ENT. Cylindrical channels are typically made in the bone using a bone drill to accommodate screws or other threaded devices for rigid fixation provided by the integration of bone (cancellous bone and/or cortex) with the threads. Bone drills are also used in […]

Use of swinging bone saw

Swing Bone Saw Function. Handle use: special handle for medical operation, automatic disinfection. The combination of precision machining and precision assembly ensures the internal quality of the entire machine and feels comfortable. We offer professional saw blades for easy operation. Battery: the battery is safe and reliable, small in size and high in energy. Long […]

The effect of using a bone saw

In the past, Gigli and manual saws were used. It has now been replaced by pneumatic and electric saws. Over the years, bone saw blades have been significantly improved in manufacturing and design to improve accuracy and reduce the side effects of bone cutting. Despite the progress, there are still many adverse effects. E.g: Saw […]

Visit Us at The TIHE 2019

For the past 20 years, TIHE has been Uzbekistan’s main medical exhibition. It is a place for professional meetings and discussions between government representatives, producers of medical equipment and supplies, scientists and practising doctors. It is the only medical exhibition in Uzbekistan approved by UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry. Visit Us at […]

Applied to joint surgery surgical oscillating saw

The types of the medical bone saw include: No power system In the past, people’s medical technology was not developed. In the face of orthopedic surgery, people only invented some simple surgical bone cutting tools. It includes a variety of unpowered hacksaws and saber saws. Sonic cutting The sonic cutter is still in the process […]

How to use a sternum saw during surgery?

Open surgery is a traditional type of surgery in which a scalpel is used for the incision. You may have seen a surgeon perform an incision on a TV or movie and then perform surgery through a large incision. Surgery, such as with a sternum saw, is an open procedure that can range from 3-4 […]

Visit Us at Istanbul International Medical Laboratory Exhibition

The essential business platform of the medical industry that brings together hundreds of domestic and international medical companies every year, Expomed Eurasia is set to welcome tens of thousands of industry professionals at Tüyap Fair & Congress Center in Büyükçekmece, Istanbul for the 26th time from March 28 to 30. Welcome to visit: FAIR NAME:Expomed […]

Do you understand the application of surgical drills?

In Craniotomy. Surgical drills are used to lift the skull flap and remove the skull base bone, thereby exposing the underlying neurovascular structure and promoting bone decompression and instrumentation during spinal surgery. The drill bit can be manual or electric. Turn the switch on by manual or electric control. A perforator or acorn bit is […]

New tools in surgery – bone drill

A long time ago, people began to use bone cutting in surgery. Bone drilling is now one of the most common cutting tools. The components of the bone drill: A bone drilling device is a device designed for orthopedic surgery. Because electric energy can make it speed extremely fast, bone drills are usually electric. The […]