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RUIJIN Medical is waiting for your visitation to visit in Düsseldorf, Germany from 12th November to 15th November,2018.   Exhibition Location: Messe Düsseldorf, Stockumer Kirchstraße 61, 40474 Düsseldorf Booth No.: Hall 7.1 H08-9 Date: 12 November to 15 November,2018.   We are one professional medical instrument company intergrated with manufacturing and sales in Wuhu city, Anhui Province, China, specialized in […]

Cannulated drill

Cannulated drill (also known as coring drills, steel plate drills, hole drills), the standard name for the multi-edged steel plate drill. It adopts the form of multi-blade circular cutting. It uses the drill to cut only the outer diameter annular part of the hole without cutting the middle part, thus greatly improving the drilling efficiency. […]

We Will Meet You at FIME Medical Expo 2018

FIME is the largest health show in the Americas, more than 1200 healthcare manufacturers from around the word.The annual FIME expo is an opportunity for medical device professionals to showcase equipment, accessories, and services.FIME focuses on four medical industries: technology, products, supply, services, and equipment. Ruijin Medical take this opportunity to present our latest research results:The latest series […]

How To Remove A Plaster Cast

Gypsum removal is performed by qualified and experienced medical personnel. The risk of injury to the patient may be involved and should be done with great care. The following are the necessary equipment for dismantling plaster: Scissors, Bending machine, Electric plaster saw, Cleaning the body material, Support bandages or appliances. Gypsum removal equipment options: Unskinned […]

Medical Bone Drill

The use of medical bone drill: 1, the battery loading and unloading: open the handle on the lid, put on the isolation channel, wrap the battery with sterile gauze, the battery head is aligned with the hand slot  into it, remove the isolation channel, cover the handle cover, reverse Rotate the hour hand button and […]

Surgical Oscillating Saw

  The Surgical Oscillating Saw is a surgical saw driven by electric (line or battery) power for cutting bones and other hard tissues. These saws are usually small hand-held power tools with electric motors to drive them to oscillate, including reciprocating or sagittal blades. Orthopedic surgical saws are used for cardiothoracic surgery, orthopedic surgery, and other […]

What is orthopedic surgery need?

Now let Ruijin Medical tell you about these requirements. There are many nursing requirements for orthopedic surgery, such as physiological maintenance, routine maintenance, and new maintenance requirements.   Physical maintenance. Many orthopaedic patients who are anxious about the disease and the operation, do not want to eat food, bad sleep situation.At this point, the patient should […]

Community Surgeon Achievement Award

About OTA : OTA is a California nonprofit nonprofit organization. OTA aims at a charity, education, and business sciences, including training, developing, supporting, and enhancing investigations of orthopedic trauma and prevention of osteoporosis. The trauma-related musculoskeletal system; encourages education and the development of, publishes, and writes textbooks to correct trauma; and promotes professional training for […]