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Reusable surgical instrument cleaning questions.

Reusable surgical instruments provide a potential pathway for pathogen transmission in medical procedures. Therefore, the purification process using surgical instruments is an important step in preventing medical-related infections. Global medical accidents due to improper decontamination of surgical instruments, inadequate or unsuccessful, indicate potential defects in the decontamination practices of medical devices. According to statistics, in […]

Oscillating sternal saw

The oscillating sternal saw is a medical device designed primarily for the characteristics of the human sternum and thoracotomy. It uses advanced and unique sawtooth technology to create the perfect combination of knife and saw, fast cutting speed, small trauma, and smooth wound. During the process of cutting the sternum, the patient’s sternum produces no […]

Medical External Fixators

External fixators have been used in the medical industry for more than a century and are used as a form of fixed temporary and definitive fractures in many cases of orthopedic clinics. Both bone mass and needle insertion techniques help create a stable bone interface. This article introduces you to various stabilization techniques to determine […]

A Rcost Thailand Exhibition Invitation For You!

We hereby sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our Rcost exhibition booth at PATTAYA, Thailand from 20th to 22nd October 2018.   Ruijin Medical is one professional surgical power tools company integrated with manufacturing and sales in Wuhu city, Anhui Province, China, specialized in orthopedic medical power drills and saws system manufacturing […]

What Is Veterinary Surgical Instruments?

Veterinary surgical instruments is an essential tool for modern veterinarians. In everyday practice, surgical tools play an important role. Veterinary operators are able to fully understand the characteristics of each device based on the classification and name of the veterinary surgical equipment. These are the basis for ensuring the success rate of surgery. Commonly used […]

The Maintenance of surgical drills and saws

Medical-surgical power tools are currently sterilized by high temperature and high-pressure steam. Using the ordinary steam sterilizing device, water vapor will enter the motor housing, so that the coil of the motor will quickly get wet and affect normal use. The special vacuum sterilizing cabinet is expensive, especially It is imported equipment, which is difficult […]

Surgical Power Tools Micro Bone Drill

Many people now work from 9 am to 5 pm, so many people in this office are prone to cervical spondylosis and waist disease. This is a common work problem caused by the working environment. Although it is not a big problem, it also affects life to a large extent. In response to the above […]

Power Tools For Orthopedic Surgery

As medical standards improve, various surgical power tools appear in the operating room. Today’s surgical power tools can be reused in hundreds of patients because the hospital is rigorously cleaned and disinfected after each operation, which is the most common. To ensure safety, disinfection is repeated once before each use. However, disposable accessories such as […]

Do you know the principle and use of plaster sawing?

First, Composition and use: The plaster saw is composed of the electric main machine, transmission shaft, bushing, eccentric shaft, bearing, transmission clamp, circular saw blade, linear saw blade and casing, front cover, fixing screw, power cord, and wire plug. The product was removed by a hospital orthopedic surgery and the gypsum bandage was removed. The […]

The Neurosurgical Drill

The neurosurgical drill is a medical device for minimally invasive craniotomy for neurosurgery clinical surgery. The structure is simple and convenient to use. It includes a drill body, a rocker, a shaft, a drilling card, a drill bit and a pair of intermeshing bevel gears, and the drill body is arched. A pair of bevel […]