The Uses and features of Surgical Oscillating Saw.

Uses and features:

The surgical oscillating saw is one of the irreplaceable power tools for joint surgery. High temperature and high-pressure surgical swing saws have replaced industrial drills that can only be fumigated. A sharp surgical oscillating saw can be used for high temperature and autoclave sterilization. It can withstand temperatures up to 135 ° C and autoclave at 1.6 MPa. Some fumigation cannot kill bacteria and viruses, shorten the disinfection time, only 20 minutes at 135 ° C high temperature and high pressure, which has won valuable time for emergency surgery patients.

The surgical oscillating saw is mainly used for hospital surgery. This instrument is optional. The utility model has the advantages of beautiful appearance, small volume, light weight, no wires, convenient carrying, safe operation and short operation time.

Structure: The surgical oscillating saw consists of a main unit, a charger, and a battery. The outer casing of the product is completely enclosed. The charger is not intended for use as a medical electronic device.


The safe use of medical devices is directly related to the safety of patients and medical device users. Therefore, standards must be established to regulate the development, production, use, and maintenance of medical devices. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance and management of medical devices, improve the maintenance and maintenance of medical devices, extend the service life of medical devices, reduce costs, reduce waste, and improve medical quality.

Here are some maintenance methods for you:

  1. Prevent microscopic duration and timely eliminate the influence of external factors on equipment;
  2. Take preventive measures to prevent emergencies and ensure the safe operation of equipment;
  3. Establish a practical, regular inspection system to detect and eliminate hidden dangers of the device itself.

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About how a cast saw works

  1. How a Cast Saw Works.

Cast saws have a sharp, small-toothed blade that rapidly vibrates back and forth; it does not spin around like a circular saw. Against the firm surface of the plaster or fiberglass, the cast saw will cut through the material. However, against your skin, the cast saw simply moves the skin back and forth with the vibration, not cutting into the skin.

Newer cast saws have become even easier for patients to tolerate. The most significant difference is the noise coming from the motor of the saw. Older cast saws tend to have very noisy motors that can be frightening, especially for children. Newer saws have much quieter motors that cause much less anxiety for patients.

  1. Are Cast Saws Safe?

Cast saws are very safe, but they should only be used by personnel who have been trained in their proper use and how to avoid problems. Improper use of a cast saw, or use of a cast saw that has worn blades, can cause problems. Cast saws are safe, but there are possible complications of their use that can occur.

  1. Making It Easier to Remove the Cast.

Many patients, especially younger children, are frightened of cast saws, but there are some things that can be done to make the experience less traumatic.

Explain to kids what is happening. Don’t let the doctor or cast tech rush in and start removing the cast without showing the patient the equipment and how it works. Fear of the unknown is usually much worse than the fear of the saw.

Show the patient that the saw will not cut the skin. Skin lacerations are the most common fear, and demonstrating that the saw will not cut your skin can help. I always press the blade of the running cast saw against my hand to demonstrate that it’s safe.

Bring headphones. A cast saw can be noisy, and often the noise is more upsetting than the actual feeling of the saw. Earmuffs, headphones, or a noise-canceling device can help. Often kids will enjoy listening to music while the cast is being removed.

The application of bone saw and bone saw surgery

A bone saw or saw a cutter is a group of tools used to penetrate or amputate bone. Since amputation did not become a surgeon’s job until the mid-19th century, so bone saws are one of the most commonly used tools for surgeons and the most important part of all their tools, although scalpels are now the most commonly used tool for surgeons.

Bone saws or bone saw blades and reciprocating blades are typically used to cut small and large bones in a way that enables the best surgical outcome for the patient.

There are several different bones saw surgery:

  1. Unpowered – Unpowered bone cutting implements include varieties of hacksaw and saber saw. In many applications, the saw is used in specialized jigs to provide accurate, measurable cuts, e.g. in knee surgery.
  2. Specialized saws such as the Gigli saw, a cable made of sharp strands of wire, are also used in some procedures.
  3. Reciprocating – Usually a powered rotary oscillation is applied to a specialized cutting implement to provide smooth controllable cuts into bone, for applications, from skull cutting to rib cutting, which is usually used where precision is necessary.
  4. A sternal saw is a reciprocating bone cutter, used for cutting through the sternum during chest surgery.

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Do you know the electric gypsum saws?

First, product composition and use.

The electric gypsum saw is composed of the electric main machine, transmission shaft, bushing, eccentric shaft, bearing, transmission clamp, circular saw blade, linear saw blade and casing, front cover, fixing screw, power cord, and wire plug. The product is used to remove plaster bandages on patients.

Second, characteristics.

Features strong power, light design, stable operation, low vibration, low noise, safe and reliable.

Third, how to use the electric gypsum saw.

  1. Before use, check if the saw blade is flat and whether the installation is firm. When installing the saw blade, simply tighten the cap with the 5mm hex wrench in the clockwise direction.
  2. Before the operation, after the electric gypsum saw is disinfected with formalin, the main switch is turned on to start the machine.
  3. When working, the machine sets the speed control switch, selects the cutting position according to different materials.
  4. When working, grasp the electric gypsum saw and slowly place it on the plaster to be cut. Vertical gypsum face cutting and do not cut it to the bottom.
  5. Vertical gypsum face cutting, lift it forward, then slowly place it in the lower section to be removed, and repeat the above process until the task is completed.

Fourth, note:

1.When the power plug is plugged into the power socket, close the power switch of the electric gypsum saw to prevent danger.

  1. When using, check whether the saw blade is flat, whether it is missing teeth, and whether the installation is firm.
  2. Do not use excessive pressure during use. Appropriate pressure should be applied when the saw blade has oscillated.
  3. When the saw blade suddenly gets stuck in the gypsum cutting part, the power should be cut off, Instead of repeatedly switching, so that the motor load suddenly increases or decreases, and the motor is easily damaged.
  4. During operation, If the temperature of the casing is overheated, it should be suspended. Use it after cooling, otherwise, the motor will easily cause overheating and burn.

How to take off a plaster cast with plaster saw?

The electric plaster saw is composed of an electric main machine, transmission shaft, axle sleeve, eccentric shaft, bearing, transmission pliers, circular saw blade, linear saw blade and case, front cover, fixing screw, power cord, and wire plug, etc. This product is used in removed plaster bandage after fixed、reset. it uses the electric source to drive the electric main machine to rotate, and the eccentric shaft drives the transmission pliers to transform into a reciprocating swing and sawing gypsum to achieve the purpose of removing the plaster bandage,  during use in the surgery does not injure person’s skin.

The Ruijin brand motor uses double insulation protection to ensure the safety of operators and casualties. The machine features powerful power, light design, stable operation, low vibration, low noise, safety, and reliability.


  1. Before use, check if the saw blade is flat and smooth if it is missing teeth, and whether the installation is firm. When installing the saw blade, simply tighten the cap with the 5mm hex wrench in the clockwise direction.
  2. Before the operation, the plaster saw is disinfected with a formalin solution, the electric host is turned on, and the main switch is turned on to start the machine.
  3. When working, the machine sets the control speed switch, selects the cutting speed and force according to different materials, and the normal use 5 files gear can.
  4. Hold the saw tightly while working and place it slowly on the plaster to be cut. Cut off the vertical plaster surface. If it is not very sure, do not cut it one time to the bottom (although the saw has soft tissue protection).
  5. Perpendicular cut the gypsum surface, lift it forward, then slowly place it in the lower section to be removed, and repeat the above process until the task is completed.
  6. When the saw blade is used for a long time, when the serration becomes dull, just use a 5mm hex wrench to loosen the cap in a counterclockwise direction and then rotate the saw blade, then tighten it clockwise to use.


  1. When the power plug is plugged into the power socket, be careful not to touch the power switch of the plaster saw at will to prevent danger.
  2. When using, check whether the saw blade is flat, whether it is missing teeth, and whether the installation is firm.
  3. Do not make oneself have oversize pressure during use. when saw blade wobbles, make pressure reasonable.
  4. When the saw blade suddenly gets stuck in the gypsum cutting part, the power should be cut off at once and pick it up slowly, instead of turning off the power switch and turning on, so that the motor load suddenly increases or decreases, and the motor is easily damaged.
  5. The temperature of the motor casing during operation increases with time. If the temperature of the motor casing is overheated, it should be suspended use. Please use it after cooling, otherwise, the motor will easily cause overheating and burn.

Four Steps Before Using Surgical Oscillating Saw

First, what is a surgical oscillating saw?

The surgical oscillating saw is a medical-surgical instrument used for zero-bed operation such as joint surgery, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery or arthroscopy.

Second, application.

  1. In the orthopedic treatment operation, the operation is performed by a pendulum saw, and the bone tissue is removed by a high-speed surgical oscillating saw. Improve total elbow joint replacement for complex elbow fractures.
  2. In orthopedic surgery, the oscillating saw is used for osteotomy and is widely used in osteotomy of the mandibular angle or another osteotomy.

Third, the advantages.

The surgical oscillating saw provides us with fast, precise cutting operations, powerful power, infinitely variable speed, accurate and stable. The whole machine can be autoclaved, lightweight, low noise, high speed and high proper calibration. Made of high-quality materials, it is comfortable and ergonomically designed for precise control without damaging soft tissue. Optimal balance and reduced arm fatigue.

The surgical oscillating saw adopts all imported materials, and the advanced processing technology cuts quickly and accurately; the new motor makes the power more abundant; ensures the bone cut surface is neat in the operation, greatly reduces the temperature rise of the bone surface; adopts the international universal multi-point crimping method, very good It solves the resonance phenomenon caused by most medical power single point crimping methods in China.

Fourth, related products.

We have the latest medical surgical oscillating saw. We have the highest quality orthopedic medical casting saws, hand-held oscillating saws, and other surgical equipment. Our surgical oscillating saw has a main working power of 14.4V, an output power of more than 20W, and a unit temperature rise of less than 30°C. Each configuration features a set of orthopedic medical castings, a saw unit, a charger, a battery, a circular battery transferring, a manual, and an aluminum case. Wuhu Ruijin Medical Devices Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer with many quality surgical power tools, such as drills and saws, bone saws, and plaster saws, medical drills.

Safe&Effective Design for Orthopedic Surgery: Bone Drill

  1. Use and characteristics of bone drill:

The bone drill is a medical device commonly used in orthopedic surgery and has the highest frequency of application in fracture surgery. During the operation, the medical staff needs to use a bone drill to drill holes in the patient’s bone surface and finally complete the operation.

Battery-type medical orthopedic bone drills are used to drill and cut bone tissue during hand and foot surgery. There are many types of bone drills, and the choice of bone drills is different for different surgical procedures.

  1. Structure:

Battery-type medical orthopedic bone drills are completely made up of the main body, battery, power adapter, etc. The power adapter is not included in the operating room as an accessory to the product. The device should not be used in the presence of a flammable anesthetic gas or a mixture of nitrogen oxides.


Ruijin ND-5001 miniature bone drilling rig.

The miniature bone drill is made of high strength stainless steel. Lightweight, low noise, easy to carry, short working time, long working time, strong and stable power output, improved structure, easy to use, variable speed triggering, and the best balance. All of these advantages of the product are consistent with the traumatic process. High temperature and high-pressure disinfection.

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Safety surgery multi-function Surgical drills and saws.

About 5,000 years ago, humans had performed a ring saw operation (craniotomy) on animals, and the tools used in the operation were ordinary stones. In today’s technologically advanced world, many advanced medical machines have been invented. For example, our company Ruijin have bone drills, hollow drills, high-torque hip drills, craniotomy drills, etc.

Ruijin multi-functional drilling saw system has five types, namely EM-100 brushless multi-function handle, NM-100 multifunctional drill saw system, NM-200 craniotomy drill mill system, NM-300 mini multifunctional drill saw system, SM-100 handpiece of a multifunctional system.

NM-200 Craniotomy Drill Mill System is hot sale.

The neurosurgical instrument craniotomy drilling system is also a combination of brain surgery drill bit drilling and milling, which can be automatically stopped to ensure safe operation. Lightweight, low noise, one-handed operation, efficiency is more suitable for neurosurgical craniotomy.

Its main frame is made of stainless steel, because it is durable and has a long working time, so it can be freely selected according to different operations.

The neurosurgical instrument craniotomy drilling system is mainly used in brains, can be rotated 360 degrees, reused, and autoclaved at 135oC.Its medical device supervision type is type 2, the weight is 8kg, and the frequency is 50Hz.

A high-quality surgical drill and saw are very important. For example, our high-quality NM-200 cranial drilling system can drive up to seven accessories. This NM-200 cranial drilling system is a perfect ergonomic design that is versatile and affordable.

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Medical bone saw of Ruijin Medical manufacturer.

Health is the foundation of life and the source of happiness in life. Health can’t replace everything, but without health, there is n’t everything. To create a brilliant life and enjoy life, you must cherish health and make health a source of a happy life.

Whether life is happy, there may be many measures, but health is ranked first. Losing a healthy body and full spirit, life will be eclipsed and boring.

As everyone knows, ill is normal. Human evolution has brought pains such as low back pain and spinal curvature. When people choose and adapt to computers and the Internet, they begin to have many diseases related to radiation, sedentary lack of exercise, vision loss is faster, and anxiety is more likely.

Today, I want to say why medical bone drills are called perfect ergonomics?

First, what is the medical bone drill structure?

The medical bone drill includes a main body and a drill chuck, and the main body is provided with an electronic device. The power take-off shaft of the electric device is connected to the drill chuck, and the surface of the main body is covered with a sterile outer casing. Such a design can protect the body from sterilization, thereby stabilizing the performance of the electronic components of the bone drill and extending the service life.

Second, what is the use of medical bone drill?

It is mainly used for clinical operations such as cutting, drilling, and grinding of bone tissue.

Third, what are the characteristics of the medical bone drill?

  1. Simple structure, convenient manufacturing, and low cost.
  2. The operation part is small in size, light in weight, easy to operate, stable, safe and fast.
  3. The motor power and control part is separated from the drill body to facilitate high pressure or disinfectant immersion disinfection.
  4. Operate the drill body without any power supply, safe and reliable.

Therefore, it is safe and reliable, and it is easy to operate successfully. It is called the perfect ergonomic design.

In addition to medical bone drills; we company also have other major products including multi-function hollow drills, swing saws, reciprocating saws and medical electric plaster saws, which can be used in many surgical operations such as trauma surgery, thoracic surgery, joint surgery, veterinary orthopedics.

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Reusable surgical instrument cleaning questions.

Reusable surgical instruments provide a potential pathway for pathogen transmission in medical procedures. Therefore, the purification process using surgical instruments is an important step in preventing medical-related infections.

Global medical accidents due to improper decontamination of surgical instruments, inadequate or unsuccessful, indicate potential defects in the decontamination practices of medical devices.

According to statistics, in the medical literature database, Medline and Embase, articles detailing events related to the unsuccessful decontamination of surgical instruments were identified. Among them, 21 articles were identified to report incidents related to decontamination failure.

A large part of the incident involves attempting disinfection of the surgical instrument rather than disinfection. It has been reported that the instruments used in ophthalmic surgery are associated with decontamination failure.

Analyzing only the limits of published events means that you must consider the possibility of under-reporting (including an unwillingness to publish failures). Despite these limitations, the risk of cross-infection of reusable surgical instruments is relatively low, subject to cleaning/sterilization procedures. Reporting the diversity of events also indicates that failure is not systematic.

Despite the challenges of the decontamination process, iatrogenic infections directly related to the report appear to be rare. Healthcare professionals should be aware of the precautions associated with different SPT cleanups and should review the manufacturer’s instructions prior to purchase.

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