The role of craniotomy drill

The role of craniotomy drill

Let Ruijin Medical introduces two basic ways to open the skull:

  1. Acurving incision from behind the hairline, in front of the ear, arching above the eye at the nape of the neck around the occipital lobe.

The surgeon marks with a felt tip pen a large square flap on the scalp that covers the surgical area. Following this mark, the surgeon makes an incision into the skin as far as the thin membrane covering the skull bone. Because the scalp is well supplied with blood, the surgeon will have to seal many small arteries. The surgeon then folds back a skin flap to expose the bone.

  1. Using a high-speed hand drill or an automatic craniotome, the surgeon makes a circle of holes in the skulland pushes a soft metal guide under the bone from one hole to the next. A fine wire saw is then moved along the guide channel under the bone between adjacent holes. The surgeon saws through the bone until the bone flap can be removed to expose the brain.

After the surgery for the underlying cause is completed, the piece of skull is replaced and secured with pieces of fine, soft wire. Finally, the surgeon sutures the membrane, muscle, and skin of the scalp.

Cranial Drill

Cranial Drill

Introduce cranial drilling and attention

Product Model: ND-4011

Power: 130w

Frequency: 0-920rpm / Hz

Stall torque: 8.5N.m

5 minutes warming: 15°C

Noise: 65dB

The product can be quickly and easily loaded and unloaded, the use of quick-change parts structure, removal and cleaning more convenient and reduce operating time.

What you should pay attention to is:

  1. Check if the drill can be operated directly before surgery. If there is any deviation, the drill should be replaced. Check if the drill bit is sharp, if not, polish it. The drill hole should be firmly fixed, the hand cannot be shaken by conventional surgery, and the broken drill bit can be replaced immediately.
  2. The drill bit should be fixed firmly. A special chuck key can help lock the bit in place to avoid accidents. To avoid rust, drill saws and accessories should be placed in a dry environment.
  3. Make sure that the saw blade is installed correctly, and there must be no cracks, unevenness, etc.
  4. The battery cannot be autoclaved and is stored in the main unit for a long time. Please remove the battery promptly after surgery. If the power is off during the operation because the main unit is not running, replace the backup battery immediately.
  5. If the abnormal sound occurs during use, stop work immediately and contact the manufacturer or dealer to return the equipment to the factory for repair.
  6. This product is a professional medical device. The user must have a certain technology or a properly trained medical staff.


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